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The mission of our life is to improve yours

CVRx, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2001 and headquartered in Minneapolis, U.S.A. Our vision is to advance health for people everywhere, giving each patient a fuller life.  CVRx pioneers unique therapies that harness and harmonize the body's natural systems, benefiting society and making CVRx a universal role model in healthcare.  

We manufacture BAROSTIM NEOTM, the only device CE Marked for the separate indications of heart failure and resistant hypertension.  Currently, BAROSTIM NEOTM is commercially available in over 20 countries and under clinical evaluation for the treatment of heart failure and hypertension in the United States. 


®When talking about BAROSTIM THERAPYTM, I'm often asked, "What problems or concerns keep you up at night?" To me, there's only one: ®Can we make BAROSTIM THERAPYTM available to all those who need it, in time to help them?" For the past 15 years, my colleagues and I have worked tirelessly to develop a therapy that is above all safe, but can also help people cope with, recover from, and further avoid, the devastating consequences of their illnesses. We want people to feel confident that they are being protected with our product, but not limited in terms of daily lifestyle. My most rewarding experiences have been getting to speak to people who have benefited from BAROSTIM THERAPYTM. I'm delighted to hear their personal stories on how their health and lives have been improved. And I'm reminded that we need to continue working until we establish BAROSTIM THERAPYTM as the standard of care for people worldwide".


Global Headquarters

CVRx, Inc.
9201 West Broadway Avenue, Suite 650
Minneapolis, MN 55445

Tel: +1 763 416 2840
Fax: +1 763 416 2841


Contact Information

France +33 (0)2 38 21 30 71
United Kingdom +44 1753 62 6896
Sweden +468 5050 2615
Netherlands +31 20 894 9143
Italy +39 02 00 624 979
Germany +49 (0) 221 790 73095
United States +1 763 416 2840


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