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Imbalance means greater risk

Your body is controlled by two systems that lead your heart's reaction to different situations. The sympathetic system is responsible for the “fight or flight" reaction, which is triggered when you face stressful situations. On the contrary, the parasympathetic system is responsible for “rest and digest" activities, and generally helps your heart and body calm down. 

In heart failure, these two parts of the nervous system are imbalanced. Meaning, there is too much sympathetic activity and not enough parasympathetic activity in your body, putting your heart under a lot of stress and your overall health at serious risk.



BAROSTIM THERAPY balances sympathetic and parasympathetic activity

BAROSTIM NEO™ has been created for people like you, who have been diagnosed with heart failure. It is a minimally-invasive implant that works together with your body, by sending signals that communicate with your brain. These messages activate a natural process that brings your nervous system back into balance. 

BAROSTIM THERAPY™ può bilanciare l'attività simpatica e parasimpatica.

The body responds to BAROSTIM NEO™ by…

Relaxing the blood vessels:
This makes it easier for blood to flow to the body, putting less pressure on the heart.

Slowing the heart down:
This helps the heart work more efficiently.

Reducing fluid in the body through improved kidney function:
This further reduces the heart's workload and helps relieve congestion and swelling.

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