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A small device with a powerful effect

BAROSTIM THERAPY™ is administered through BAROSTIM NEO™, a minimally-invasive, long-lasting device.1

Extravascular, implantable system:1

BAROSTIM NEO Carotid Sinus Lead Implantable pulse generator (IPG) Device Wireless Programmer System

Carotid Sinus Lead:
A 2mm electrode is sutured to the carotid artery and connected to the IPG, electrically activating the baroreceptors. 

Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) Device: 
A highly powerful, implantable pulse generator is inserted under the collar bone, stimulating approximately 40 times more frequently than a pacemaker.

Wireless Programmer System:
The unique on/off capability can promote the observation of the differences that BAROSTIM THERAPY™ makes in blood pressure and other Hemodynamic parameters.

For more information, please view the  Technical Specification Sheet

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