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Your Patient Toolkit

Patient FAQs

Can I use a mobile phone?

Yes. When talking on a mobile phone, it is recommended to keep the antenna 15 centimetres away from BAROSTIM NEO™ and to use the phone on the ear that is opposite to where your device is located. We also recommend that you avoid leaving your mobile phone in an area (such as a breast pocket) that is near BAROSTIM NEO™.

Are household appliances safe to use?
Yes. Most household appliances are safe for you to use, as long as they are in good working order and properly maintained.

Can I use other types of electrical equipment?
Yes. When using items such as earphones, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system tag deactivators, arc welders, induction furnaces, and other similar electrical or electromechanical devices, it is recommended to keep them 15 centimetres away from the BAROSTIM NEO™ device.

Will magnets affect BAROSTIM NEO™?
Magnets, loudspeaker magnets, and items that contain magnets (such as magnetic therapy products, handheld massagers, and stereo speakers) can temporarily affect the operation of BAROSTIM NEO™. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep such items at least 15 centimetres away from BAROSTIM NEO™. For this reason, we do not recommend the use of magnetic pillows and mattress pads.

Will I be able to travel?
Yes. BAROSTIM NEO™ is not affected by security scanners typically found in airports. If you have concerns about security screening methods prior to being screened, simply show your Patient Identification Card and request an alternative form of screening.

Can I have an MRI?
In the US it is not permitted to expose the BAROSTIM NEO™ to MRI use. 

What should I do if I move or change doctors?
Ensure your contact information is correct on your Patient Identification Card. Show the card to your new doctor and suggest he or she visit for more information.

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