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Key Benefits

The key benefits

BAROSTIM THERAPY™ may offer heart failure patients improved quality of life, symptoms and functional capacity through its unique mode of action. It is a neuromodulation therapy that triggers the body's main cardiovascular reflex to address the underlying causes of the progression of heart failure.

BAROSTIM THERAPY™ may offer a therapeutic benefit for NYHA CLASS III heart failure patients with LVEF ≤35%, especially for those who are not eligible for CRT.

BAROSTIM THERAPY™ has demonstrated a reduction in HF related hospitalizations along with a substantial improvement in heart failure parameters.

In clinical studies, BAROSTIM THERAPY™ has demonstrated benefits for severe HF patients who are not eligible for CRT. 1

Significant LVEF improvement at Month 6 of BAROSTIM THERAPYTM1
Significant LVEF improvement at Month 6 of BAROSTIM THERAPY
Clinically meaningful, significant NT-proBNP improvement1
Clinically meaningful, significant NT-proBNP improvement

1. Zile MR et al. Baroreflex activation therapy for the treatment of heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction: safety and efficacy in patients with and without cardiac resynchronization therapy. Eur J Heart Fail. 2015 Oct;17(10):1066-74.

In summary

what it is not vs. what it is

* average of procedure time of 108 +/- 5 minutes

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