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A small device with a powerful effect

BAROSTIM THERAPY™ is effectively administered through the BAROSTIM NEO™ device.

BAROSTIM NEO components

The first piece is a lead. A lead is a soft, thin wire about the size of a spaghetti noodle that has a tiny disc, called an electrode, at the end. The lead carries the energy that activates the baroreflex. It is placed in your neck, where the electrode makes contact with the baroreceptors.

The second piece is an implantable pulse generator. An implantable pulse generator is a small power source that provides the energy that the lead requires to activate your baroreflex. It is placed below your collarbone.


A simple procedure so you can return home

The procedure to place the BAROSTIM NEO™ system is a simple process that does not require open heart surgery, and lasts approximately 1 to 1 and a half hours . Often, the placement procedure occurs in the morning, and is performed under general anaesthesia. In most cases, you'll be able to return home from the hospital the following day. 1

The placement of the BAROSTIM NEO™ System, the device that delivers BAROSTIM THERAPY™, requires a minimally-invasive procedure under general anaesthesia. There are 4 steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. Lead Placement
  3. IPG Placement
  4. Closure

1. CVRx Data on file
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